Everyone wants to be healthy, and we want to help you get there.

Our purpose is to educate and inspire you to a life of true wellness. We are not designed to walk around chronically sick, with a pocket full of pills and copays out the backside.

So, let us help you, your friends, coworkers and family experience true wellness.

About Drs. Mark & Michele

Dr. Michele is a trained Doctor of Osteopathy; Dr. Mark is a trained Naturopathic doctor. While most doctors focus solely on the physical component, together, Drs. Mark and Michele use an integrated, holistic approach under their medical care that focuses on prevention and healing the root causes that affect ones body, mind, emotions, and spiritual well-being to bring healing to the whole person.

The Sherwood’s have a successful medical practice, the Functional Medical Institute; also a television and radio program; as well as, provide resources, including their Amazon bestseller, The Quest for Wellness, nutrition plans, fitness instructional videos, and helpful mental and emotional steps to provide relief from stress and to help people form better habits so they can live well.

Most Requested Topics

Spiritual Roots of Sickness and Disease

Sickness and disease can often have spiritual roots. We teach you how to identify and destroy these bad roots.

How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle

You may think that it is not possible, but we teach you how to utilize fat as fuel while building muscle.

How to Conquer Workplace Stress

There is more anxiety in the workplace than ever before, and we have the solutions to combat unnecessary stress.

Foundational Principles of Nutrition

Our American culture has failed us when it comes to proper nutrition. We teach you the right things to eat.

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